Seraph Team

Seraph Team

A team of Enthusiastic Professionals, Proficient in Everything We Do

Our team members put all of their effort into providing the best possible service for our clients. We recognize their value and give them all the support they need to continue to develop within our organization.

We have offshore partnerships across the globe, and provide a “Hire A Dedicated Team” service for clients on a global basis, so that businesses have access to the team of high quality individuals they need to complete their projects.

Our team is organized and efficient in its use of state of the art technology and innovative practices to deliver on even the most challenging projects.


The team of technical experts at Seraph InfoTech covers a wide variety of roles:

  • Talented software architects
  • Reliable and professional S/W engineers and developers
  • Dedicated systems analysts
  • Innovative web design specialists
  • Experienced quality assurance analysts
  • Knowledgeable technical writers
  • High quality network engineers
  • Specialists in SEO
  • Experienced administrators
  • Dedicated business development managers
  • Gifted and successful project managers


Our team uses its skills and expertise, together with high quality communication, to deliver results to our clients that adhere to their requirements on excellence, time and cost. We adhere to all recognized industry standards whilst utilizing our innovation skills to deliver the best possible end product.


We enable our clients to cut their process times and improve delivery, thereby improving profits. Work with the team at Seraph InfoTech, and you are guaranteed a premium level of service.


We Are Everything You Need to Make Project idea Great! Through Creative Ideas, Innovation & Sheer Determination
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