Project Communication Strategy

Project Communication Strategy

Seraph InfoTech project communication strategy

You can have the best quality individuals working on a project, but it’s unlikely to succeed unless you have high quality communications as well.

Seraph InfoTech is used to working on projects involving multi-location teams. As a result we have developed a highly effective communications strategy, created to ensure the expedient delivery of client projects. Our strategy speaks for itself.

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  • Detailed project analysis

    Once we have defined knowledge of the project, as provided by the client, we commence initial development work. We share the project SRS with our website development experts to provide detailed analysis and a workflow design so that the team fully understands the entire scope of the project.

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  • Allocation of project tasks

    After we have defined the project we allocate specific tasks to relevant specialists within the team. We advise all of those experts working on the project of who is leading the project and managing the team. This facilitates the ability to provide project updates and advise of any issues.

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  • Multiple contact media, one point of contact

    In order to ensure that communication is consistent, we use one point of contact for any communications with clients. On occasion it may be possible for clients to contact individuals directly regarding certain matters. We use multiple channels for communication; Skype, email, messenger and telephone.

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  • Project strategy dissemination

    Once the project strategy is formulated we disseminate it to all interested parties, in the interests of clarity.

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  • Security of information

    During all communications, professionals at Seraph InfoTech are aware of the importance of security. Your information is safe with us.

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  • Fully accessible online project management

    Seraph InfoTech utilizes 'My Project Desk' software to allow immediate access to the project to all those who are working on it.

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  • Straightforward interaction and escalation

    Our interactions are linked to our escalation processes so that our clients can be assured of an efficient and effective service.

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  • Regular project reviews

    Seraph InfoTech knows how important regular review is to the completion of a successful project. According to their availability and requirements, we arrange weekly or fortnightly review meetings with all of our clients.

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  • Comprehensive documentation

    All of the processes, procedures and work undertaken in a project is documented by us. We believe in the importance of transparency in everything we do.

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  • Post project support

    Once we have delivered an end product to our clients, we conduct a detailed handover. We then provide ongoing support and maintenance as required.

    We recognize how much of a key ingredient communication is in delivering a successful project. We are happy to speak to any of our clients at any point during the completion of the project, and arrange ad hoc meetings if required.

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